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Journal of Sustainability and Resilience

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Call for Papers

The journal seeks to establish a connection and dialogue between tourism academics and practitioners. We invite scholarly papers that examine the historical knowledge of the crisis, and how the tourism system can rebound and return to normal. Is it paramount that to achieve tourism recovery, the industry must re-establish a responsible approach by visitors and adopt sustainable and resilience planning practices at various destinations?

While acknowledging the critical nature of the topic, we encourage papers to present opportunities for hope, regeneration, and the potential for transformation within the tourism sector. Academics and industry representatives are invited to contribute theoretical and empirical research that addresses the implications of their work.

Paper submission Deadlines

Issue 1 paper submission deadline: December 15th

Issue 2 paper submission deadline: July 15th

Journal of Sustainability and Resilience​​

About Journal of Sustainability and Resilience:

The Journal of Sustainability and Resilience (JSR) (ISSN:2744-3620) is an online open-access biannual peer-reviewed publication that covers current issues in tourism concerning sustainability and resilience of the industry in light of global shocks and trends, exploring their effects on communities and businesses. Amidst the global pandemic, there is a growing call for a responsible recovery in the tourism industry, which holds worldwide significance and impacts at the local, regional, national, and international levels. The pandemic has acted as a catalyst, affecting both macro and micro aspects and crossing various sectors.

About the Publisher:

Sustainability and Resilience Institute (SRI), New Zealand, is a boutique consultancy firm, think tank, and social enterprise. Our primary focus is to provide scientific research, business development, management, and product development to both the public and private sectors.

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